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Take your first step to building a strong family


Do you have concerns about your child or adolescent?

Welcome to Premier Psychology (formerly Affinity Allied Health Services).

We can help you and your child or adolescent.

  • You will be listened to and partnered with to implement practical strategies that will effectively address your concerns.
  • You will be provided a timely service (no long waiting lists).
  • You will receive the combined knowledge of different health and educational professionals to provide a wholistic service.
  • You will be part of a vibrant community.
  • You will receive current information regarding the assessment and treatment of psychological and family issues.
  • You will be cared for as a key member of the family to ensure you are thriving as a person, and as a parent.

Let us partner with you to make your family stronger.

Is there something wrong with my child?

Raising children is tricky, and at some point most parents worry that there is something wrong with their child. Parents worry that their child is anxious or depressed, or not fitting in, or not making friends, or not making progress at school. As a parent, it is hard to know which behaviours are normal, and which are of concern.

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