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Who has time for self care?

Certainly not a lot of the mums and dads and busy people we know! Or so it seems:) So many people are busy, busy, busy. They always feel tired but keep pushing themselves anyway. After all, these things have to get done, and who else is going to do them?? They look after everyone else’s needs, but don’t often pay attention to their own.

Then one day, they can’t push through anymore. The body and the mind are exhausted. Signs of depression start to appear. “I can’t be bothered”, “What’s the point?”, It’s too hard”. And the person starts to shut down. They don’t want to go anywhere, or do anything. They just want to stay at home, preferably in bed sleeping. They don’t want friends coming over or family visiting. They just want to be left alone……

Sound familiar at all?

There is a very simple truth in this – If we don’t take care of ourselves, no-one else will. We are like a jug of water. We can pour ourselves out doing things for others – but at some point we must stop and refill the jug. We can’t keep giving of ourselves if we don’t.

So many people ask “Isn’t self care selfish?” No, it isn’t. It isn’t about putting yourself before everyone else all the time. It is about putting yourself in the mix though, of people who need some care.

So, throughout August, think of some creative ways you can take time to care for you, so you don’t end up empty.

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