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Autism Assessments

Autism Assessments

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a brain based developmental disorder that results in difficulties understanding social interactions and communication, sensory issues, limited interests and repetitive behaviours. These signs may be noticeable in infancy, but many times, signs of autism only become more obvious during the school years.

Signs of autism in boys

Children with autism are often confused by language and take things literally. They struggle to understand the perspective of others, and find reading non-verbal body cues difficult. They may express few emotions, but express them intensely. Often children with autism prefer to be on their own. They may have unusual interests or obsessions, and be easily upset by change.

Signs of autism in girls

Girls with autism often have a great imagination where they have imaginary friends or pretend to be a particular animal. They often play either with older or younger children, and will usually want to play the same role in a game each time. Often, they love drawing and making stories. Girls with autism tend to observe others rather than participate in a group. They seem quiet, shy, and alone.

Signs of autism in adults

Adults with autism often have few friendships, and find romantic relationships perplexing. They find it difficult to be empathetic, or take the perspective of others. Adults with autism have established routines and rely on the familiarity of these. They often have some kind of sensory processing difficulties, and tend to excel in a particular area.

Why should I have an autism assessment for my child?

Autism spectrum disorder impacts the social and emotional development of a child, as well as the day to day functioning of their family. If you suspect your child may have an autism spectrum disorder, seek help so that their future, and the future of your family, can be strong.

Why should I have an assessment for me?

ASD impacts many areas of an adult’s social and daily functioning. Adults often have problems with close relationships, daily responsibilities, and employment. If you suspect you may have ASD, seek help so that you can have the future you want.

Autism Assessments at Premier Psychology

Premier Psychology offers autism assessments for children and adults. All autism assessments are conducted by psychologists experienced in identifying autism across the age span and between genders. Autism assessments are available for children from 12 months of age, and for adults. An assessment involves identifying strengths and challenges, and identifying goals and strategies to help address concerns.

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