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Gifted and Talented Assessment

Gifted and Talented Assessments

Gifted and Talented is a phrase used to describe someone who shows exceptional learning and reasoning abilities, and/or outstanding skill in an area such as math, music, language, art, dance, or sport compared to children of the same age.

Signs of Gifted and Talented

Children who are gifted are often creative with a great sense of humour. They tend to be curious, frequently wanting to know why and how. They enjoy experimenting, and trial and error learning. They can be independent, goal directed, insatiable and idealistic. They are often highly empathetic and sensitive, and they often feel different from others leading to a sense of isolation.

Why should I have a gifted and talented assessment for my child?

Many children who are gifted or talented have great strengths. They also have challenges in their academic, social and emotional development. Understanding these challenges, and how to navigate them are important steps in helping your child reach their full potential.

Assessments at Premier Psychology

Premier Psychology offers Gifted and Talented assessments for children and adolescents. All assessments are conducted by psychologists experienced in identifying giftedness. Gifted and Talented assessments are available for children from 5 to 16 years. An assessment involves identifying strengths and challenges, and identifying goals and strategies to help address concerns for the child, at home and school.

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