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Learning Disorder Assessment

Learning Disorder Assessments

A child may be experiencing learning difficulties if he struggles to develop the knowledge and skills that same age peers are developing. Learning difficulties can occur for a large number of reasons. Sometimes learning difficulties can occur as a result of specific learning disorders such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia. These occur when a child’s reading, writing, or math abilities are well below those of their peers. At other times learning difficulties may be due to cognitive problems such as memory or processing difficulties.

Signs of learning difficulties

Children who experience learning difficulties will often struggle with either reading, writing, and/or math during primary school. They often find it hard to stay focused on tasks, and can forget things very soon after they have been taught. Children with learning difficulties tend to have problems following instructions and often need to be given step by step instructions in order to complete tasks. Understanding concepts such as time and money can also be hard for children with learning difficulties, and they often need daily repetition to reinforce what is learned. They will eventually “get it”, but learning takes longer than other children their age.

Why should I have a learning assessment for my child?

Learning difficulties impact not only the academic, but also the social and functional development of a child. Too often, children with learning difficulties experience anxiety, isolation, and low self-esteem. Avoidance behaviours such as acting out, hiding in school bathrooms, and (in later years) truanting, are common ways children with unidentified learning disorders manage their difficulties. If you suspect your child has a learning difficulty or disorder, seek help so that their future, and the future of your family, can be strong.

Assessments at Premier Psychology

Premier Psychology offers Learning assessments for children and adolescents. All Learning assessments are conducted by psychologists experienced in identifying learning difficulties and disorders. Assessments identify learning profiles, strengths, challenges, goals, and strategies to support your child at home, and in their learning environment.

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