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Choice Assess

What is Choice Assess?

Choice Assess is an assessment process that allows parents to participate more fully in the decisions involved in an assessment.

Each child is an individual who has individual strengths and challenges. At Premier Psychology, our assessment process allows parents to target the assessment of specific concerns or to broaden the scope of an assessment to gain additional information to benefit the child. It allows parents the ability to gather information and strategies to address one or multiple concerns at a time.

Assessments require information to be gathered from four areas;

  1. Parents;
  2. Teachers;
  3. Clinicians, and;
  4. Standardised measures such as questionnaires, intelligence tests etc.

Each assessment at Premier Psychology covers these areas. This is a standard assessment

Using Choice Assess, parents can then add extras to an assessment such as a school observation. This is done in consultation with the appropriate health professional/s who explain the advantages and disadvantages of adding that element to the relevant standard assessment.

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