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Gifted & Talented

Therapy for children who are Gifted and Talented

What does it mean to be Gifted and Talented?

Gifted and Talented is a phrase used to describe someone who shows exceptional learning and reasoning abilities, and/or outstanding skill in an area such as math, music, language, art, dance, or sport compared to children of the same age.

How do I help my gifted child with social relationships?

Gifted children often prefer socialising with adults, and struggle with peer relationships. Therapy supports gifted children develop confidence in socialising and developing positive peer relationships.

How do I help my gifted child manage their anxiety?

Social anxiety is very common in gifted children, as is perfectionism and the fear of failure. Therapy helps gifted children identify individual coping strategies and teaches them how to manage that anxiety.

How do I get help for my gifted child at school?

The school environment is a challenging one for a child who is gifted. Parents need to advocate for the needs of their child, but sometimes it is hard to know what to ask for and whether it is reasonable to ask for particular accommodations. In therapy, your psychologist works with you to create a list of recommendations for school, and then negotiates with your child’s school to implement those recommendations.

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