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Learning Disorders

Therapy for Learning Disorders

What are learning difficulties?

A child may be experiencing learning difficulties if he struggles to develop the knowledge and skills that same age peers are developing. Learning difficulties can occur for a large number of reasons. Sometimes learning difficulties can occur as a result of a specific learning disorder. Previously such disorders were known as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia. At other times learning difficulties may be due to cognitive problems such as memory or processing difficulties.

How do I help my child with learning difficulties?

Parents want the best for their child and, at times, don’t know what that is. They often feel powerless. Therapy teaches parents how to help their child with learning, and how to support their child develop a balanced view of themselves. In therapy, a child with learning difficulties develops strategies to learn effectively and become more confident socially.

How do I help my child with learning difficulties manage anxiety?

Children with learning difficulties often have high anxiety and engage in different avoidance behaviours to manage their anxiety. Therapy teaches children with learning difficulties how to manage their anxiety and approach challenging tasks with confidence. Therapy also teaches parents how to support their child’s engagement in difficult activities.

How do I get help for my child at school?

The school environment is a challenging one for a child with learning difficulties. Parents need to advocate for the needs of their child, but sometimes it is hard to know what to ask for and whether it is reasonable to ask for particular accommodations. In therapy, your psychologist works with you to create a list of recommendations for school, and then negotiates with your child’s school to implement those.

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